June 14th, 2008, 10:31 am


This way coming...


College is over for a couple months and the scripts for the next few comics have been found - will hopefully be updating frequently while I'm off (and if the updates become infrequent, it'll be the good kind of infrequent, where there are MORE comics than usual!) I've let the schedule slip somewhat* and I aim to make up to you gentle folk for that while I can.

As much as I wanna keep the comic going steadily, really don't want to risk screwing myself over at college so it has to taste backburner for a while. (And seriously, it stops being as much fun as it should be when there's that nagging guilt present that you COULD be doing work instead. Whoever invented nagging guilt, I challenge you to a duel *slaps the computer screen with a leather glove* ...okay, is it weird that I actually did that? They were just lying there on my desk, begging to slap something.)

Anyhow, I'll say goodbye for now, even though I doubt anybody reads the newsposts!
Take care all, and have a good Sund'eve**


*Ha Haa! Understatement.
**My new name for Saturday!